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Shadow Consultancy Services Limited was established by principal Jim Fitzsimmons as a limited company in the UK in 2003. Jim is an ex-senior UK detective specialising in the investigation of serious and organized crime within UK and Europe. 


A significant period of his 25 years service in the UK police was served as an accredited diplomat based in Brussels as part of the global team of law enforcement specialists working together to combat international organized crime. Jim retired from the UK police in 2000 and began working in the corporate sector.


Shadow does not generally market its services and most assignments come from referrals.

Shadow presently supports global companies throughout Europe and Africa in the following sectors:

  • Corporate Investigations - Shadow has a team of trained investigators throughout Europe and Asia and carries out sensitive investigations for global clients. All investigators are experienced police detectives in their region and have strong knowledge of local law enforcement protocol.

  • Risk and Security Audits - Shadow conducts risk and gap analysis at facilities, corporate offices and other relevant properties throughout Europe and Africa.

  • Supply Chain Security - Shadow advises organization throughout Europe and Africa on all manner of Supply Chain Security issues. Audits and process examinations are carried out by Shadow TAPA TSR & FSR approved auditors and CTPAT & AEO considerations are at the forefront of the audit process.

  • Remote Tracking - through our unique tracking system and dedicated monitoring centre Shadow provides tracking, shock, and heat real-time monitoring facilities for appropriate shipments over land, sea and air.

  • Guard Force - Shadow has a full time employee team of over 100 security operatives in the UK who provide security officers services on a 24/7 basis within facilities operated by global businesses.

  • RMO - since 2001 we have provided RMO, Vehicle Escort and Individual transport services for the safe movement of high value goods throughout the European region with officers on the ground in France, Holland, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy & Poland.

  • Executive Protection and on the ground travel planning - we provide CP/RST services to VIP (CEO & SMT members) and prominent sports teams throughout Europe and Africa.

  • Whistleblower Management - Shadow has in-depth knowledge of the practical investigation, management and protection of Whistleblower information. Shadow has been invited on occasions to advise the industry on professional forums on best practice in this area.

  • Shrinkage - Shadow has extensive experience in investigating and reducing shrinkage within the retail and supply chain sectors throughout Europe and Russia.

  • Cyber Security - Shadow provides pro-active and re-active Cyber security risk management through Europe and Africa.

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